Content promotion is an integral part of Digital Marketing.

In this post, you’ll discover how to leverage content promotion to create awareness for your Busines or Brand and establish your thought-leadership in your niche.

In their 2018 research study, the Content Marketing Institute found that 37% of brands plan to increase their content marketing spend.

As small businesses continue to invest in content marketing, content creation has seen a rapid increase.

The typical length of a blog post for seeing “strong” results on Google search is now over 1000 words.

Nevertheless, the majority of contents still sit in the deep corners of the internet and go unranked by the search engines.

Ahrefs discovered that 91% of content does not get any search traffic from Google.

You do not need to get discouraged, though.

Instead, you will need to develop a fail-safe content promotion strategy that makes sure your blog posts get adequate exposure for each piece you publish.

Today, let us look at how to create a content promotion strategy from scratch.

3 Content Promotion Channels

There are three prominent kinds of content promotion channels to get direct exposure from after you create your content.

They are:

  1. Owned media: These are the platforms that you own, they offer the preliminary exposure to your material.

2. Earned media: Once you put out your content on owned channels, individuals engage with it on social networks and other platforms. It results in more natural direct exposure for your content.

3. Paid media: In the existing social media landscape, your updates get seen by a small portion of your followers. To get additional exposure, you need to pay for ads.

7 Content Promotion Strategies

Now, let’s take a look at some content promotion strategies across all three kinds of channels.

  1. Email Newsletter

Once a reader has shown interest in your brand, you can share your newest content with them through e-mail.

Because you have complete control over it, your Email list is an essential asset for content promotion.

Unlike social media platforms, you are not required to measure up to any algorithmic modifications to reach your audience.

Your email list can generate direct traffic to your blog post; it can also get social media shares and activate a snowball effect.Y

You should begin collecting e-mails from your website visitors by offering them a valuable lead magnet.

  1. Social Media Scheduling

After emailing your post to your subscribers, you can likewise share it with your existing audience on social networks.

Agora Pulse is a robust social network management suite to schedule your posts across several social media platforms. You can even find your ideal posting times utilizing the app’s analytics.

Most of your content on social media reaches a limited number of your followers. Thus, sharing your content once isn’t enough.

To draw out the full juice, you need to recycle your updates.

Something as simple as retweeting your top tweets can assist you in generating 90% additional link clicks.

  1. Perform the Content on Content on Content strategy

The king of social networks Gary Vaynerchuk squeezes lots of value from every piece of content he creates.

He begins by publishing a long piece of “useful content” on YouTube.

Then, he develops several pieces of “micro-contents” from every episode.

And lets his 16-person team use it to fill his social media feeds with them.

You can replicate this technique by repurposing your material into slides at Slideshare or re-publish your articles with minimal edits at Medium, Quora, and LinkedIn.

To transform your post rapidly into videos, you can utilize a tool like Lumen5.

Another option is repurposing your content into Kindle eBooks to snag a few e-mail subscribers.

  1. Click to Tweet and One Press Social Locker

You might have to set up a social sharing plugin to allow for social media sharing of your content.

There are several other opportunities to earn media through social networks.

The first involves setting up “click to tweet” boxes that allow your visitors easily tweet your content.

The second method to earn media includes gating parts of your content.

You can do the same thing by asking your readers to share your content on social media to gain access to “bonus offers.”

  1. Personalized e-mail outreach

While writing your post, it is a good idea to involve thought leaders.

You can email them and request their quotes, personal insight, and knowledge to add credibility to your content.

These influencers will also gladly share it and possibly link to it from their blog if you create a premium post.

Depending on your industry, the influencer, and the quality of your piece, the influencer might oblige to share your post.

Before making any demand from the influencer, always focus on adding value to their audience.

It can be as easy as sharing their posts on social media and dropping insightful comments about their content.

  1. Promote your content on Facebook

Now, let’s enter the paid area.

It can be a bit unsettling for content creators to spend money on ads before they can get exposure for their content.

However, with the explosion in content creation, relatively inexpensive social media ads are a great way to get social reach for your posts.

On Facebook, you can start by merely targeting custom audiences.

However, to draw out the most value, you need to split-test your ads.

It can make the difference between a Cost Per Click of 17 cents vs. 57 cents.

  1. Hire a Coach

You should consider hiring a professional if you are short of time and want to reach your target audience quickly.

You can hire a consultant that will work along with your content marketing team, or you can employ a marketing firm that specializes in your market.

Owned and Earned media are both great ways to kick-start your content promotion.

They can put your brand in front of thousands of potential customers.

However, if you are starting newly, then you might not be able to achieve your business goals fast without paid media.

You need to experiment with all the three channels to find out the best fit for your brand.

In any case, if you see a piece of content that resonates well with your business vision, then scale its promotion through paid channels.


Some business owners create content and hope for their audience to see it, you don’t want to leave your business to chance.

Ensure you promote your content. Spend more time promoting your content than you spent writing it.

The above is one reason you should probably not blog daily as that will leave you with little or no time to promote your content.

Which of the content promotion strategies made more sense to you? Let me know in the comment.

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