To make more sales, sometimes you don’t need more traffic and customers but a higher conversion rate.

Unfortunately, the fact that you have a quality product or service does not always mean that you will make lots of sales.

What is Conversion Rate?

Optimizely explained that the conversion rate is the number of conversions divided by the total number of visitors.

For example, if an eCommerce site receives 200 visitors in a month and has 50 sales, the conversion rate would be 50 divided by 200, or 25%.

One of your objectives as a Business Owner is to keep your conversion rate high.

How to do that is the subject of this post.

What is a Sales Page?

sales page is a standalone page created with one specific purpose in mind, to secure sales for your product.

The product or service you’re selling on your page can differ depending on your industry or niche.

However, the purpose of your sales page remains constant – getting visitors to convert into customers.

Some elements can boost the conversion rate of your sales page.

I will be sharing seven of those elements with you in this post, apply them, and you will see a bump in your conversion rate.

  1. Use a Video Sales Letter

A well-executed video will make your sales page look more professional and valuable.

Some people may prefer to watch and listen as opposed to reading.

When you do that, you will be offering your audiences different touchpoints, which will increase your conversion rate.

Ensure you use subtitling in your videos; lots of people are increasingly watching videos with the sound turned off.

Also, if your offer is a product, then demo it.

Show, don’t tell!

  1. Create Urgency

Create some form of urgency on your sales page, if people can always buy your product any time they like, then why should they buy it now?

You can install a countdown timer and let your prospects know that there would be a price increase when the timer hits zero or some bonuses will be removed, or discounts will no longer be available, or free delivery will no longer be available, etc.

Whatever you do, ensure you are motivating your prospects to make that buying decision immediately.

  1. Use Testimonials

Most people get more confident to buy from you when they see testimonials.

Testimonials are proof that they are not about to waste their money and time.

There are things to note when using testimonials though;

  • The testimonials must be detailed and specific –  If your customer gives a testimony saying “nice product”; that’s not good enough.
  • Include the headshot of the customer that left the testimonial.
  • Include the full name of the customer.
  • If you can get a mix of video and text testimonials, that would be perfect.
  1. Add Bonuses

If you can, include a bonus or bonuses that customers will access or get if they buy from you within a specific time, this is to add urgency.

As simple as this sounds, this is the very reason some people will buy.

  1. Include a Money-Back Guarantee

You want to remove as many bottlenecks as possible on your sales page.

Offering a Money-Back Guarantee is a statement of trust in your offer.

But there are smart ways to give a Money-Back guarantee, so you do not get burnt.

  1. Use Social Proof Tools to Build Trust

Some tools act as trust signals on your sales page and increase your conversion rate.

  1. Include a Live Chat or a Contact Us link on the page

It allows you to alleviate the concerns that some prospects still have before they make the buying decision.

It will also allow you to get on the spot feedback from your prospects, so you know if there are things to include or modify in your sales page.

The live chat also assures the prospect that you care and will not abandon him after the sale – this is more important if you sell a physical product online.

If you implement most of these strategies, you should see a bump in your conversion rate.


To increase your sales, you either drive more traffic or increase your conversion rate.

I’m sure you know that increasing your conversion rate is a much faster and cost-effective strategy; implement all of these seven elements on your sales page and see an immediate hike in conversion rate.

Which of these strategies do you love the most?

Let me read it in the comment.

Kindly share this post. Thanks in advance.