Building a customer loyalty centric business is the fastest way to shorten your sales cycle and consistently enjoy a positive conversion rate.

In this post, I’ll share with you seven sure-fire ways to nurture your customers and get them to buy from you repeatedly.

The objective of this post is to make you re-engineer your strategies and systems to focus on nurturing a good relationship with your audience.

I’m guessing you would love a cult-following for your business, who wouldn’t?

Then continue reading.

Customer Loyalty Programmes

According to HubSpot, A customer loyalty program is a rewards program offered by a company to customers who frequently make purchases. A loyalty program may give a customer free merchandise, rewards, coupons, or even advance released products.

Interestingly, most Business Owners expend their energy in attracting new customers instead of nurturing old ones.

A study by RJMetrics found that loyal customers who purchase from you more often are much more profitable than your average customer.

The research found that your loyal top 10% spend 3x more per order than the lower 90%, and your top 1% of customers spend 5x more than the lower 99%.

Customer Loyalty definition?

According to Market Business News, Customers exhibit customer loyalty when they consistently purchase a particular product or brand over an extended period.

In other words, customer loyalty is the program that motivates customers to buy from you repeatedly; this increases the lifetime value of your customers and reduces the cost of customer acquisition.

Some Ideas that Could Work

Below are some customer loyalty program ideas that you can implement in your business; you will do well to think them through while focused on your objective correctly.

  1. Loyalty or Reward Card
  2. A web-based points reward system
  3. Openly give exclusive deals to your customers
  4. Give a special reward for referrals

Do you know what is even cooler?

You could ask your customers to suggest loyalty program ideas for you; that way, you are sure that they’d be part of it since they were part of the brainstorming process.

7 Ways to Build Customer Loyalty with Website Visitors

There have been lots of customer loyalty programs, especially for brick and mortar businesses. Still, the focus of this post is to show you seven ways you can create customer loyalty online.

  1. Offer Value First

You have got to boost your Know, Like, and Trust (KLT) factor before you ask for the sale because customers only buy from sources they Know, Like, and Trust.

Offering value first allows you to prove that you are knowledgeable in the field.

There can not be customer loyalty without value creation.

All your efforts will fall flat if Quality Product/Service, Customer Service, and Value Creation is not front and center.

As far as Digital Marketing and Business Blogging go, you offer value by creating helpful posts.

Solve a problem, answer questions, and teach something valuable in your posts.




Without creating an exclusive community, it is difficult to nurture your customers and prospects, and without nurturing, customer loyalty is far-fetched.

Create Free Training, PDF Ebooks, Crash Courses, Case Studies, Webinars, Live Casting, Physical Seminars, etc. in exchange for their email address – Build your Email List.

An Email List allows you to build and nurture a relationship with your prospects, which will increase your sales subsequently.

Also, create a Facebook Messenger list; it has a better delivery rate, but be sure that it does not substitute your Email list.

Building a community on Social Media alone is not wise because the Social platform can change the game at any time for one reason or the other, i.e., you can get banned or suspended.

Fact: Do not build your house on rented land.

  1. Follow up and Nurture your Email List

As soon as your prospect becomes an Email Subscriber, the task of nurturing commences.

The email is the channel through which you communicate value with your subscribers and point them to the online collaterals that you have created, some of which I mentioned above.

Understand that email is not a one-way communication channel, so be ready to respond whenever a subscriber sends you an email. It’s part of the building process.

You could create an autoresponder series of up to 7 days when prospects subscribe to your list, the essence of this is to nurture them and prove that they are in the right place.

If you do an excellent job of sending highly relevant and useful email within the first seven days, you will condition your subscribers to look out for your emails.

After that, send out a mix of about 80% informational content and 20% promotional content.

  1. Get Social

If you have a blog, respond to comments.

If you have a massive following on Social Media, respond to the bunch of first comments since it may be impossible to respond to all, but if you can afford to hire a Social Media Manager, by all means, do that.

Mix up the content on your Social Media, don’t be formal or business-like always. Now and then, send behind-the-scene videos and images. Be entertaining and humorous; sometimes, your audience will appreciate it.

  1. Use Social Proof

Instead of saying how awesome you are or how good your products or services are, get your customers to do that using testimonials on your site and share it on Social Media.

It’s a double-edged sword. It will help you get the word out there and help your customers get some publicity too, especially if they are also in business.

Ensure that the testimonial is detailed. If your product helped to achieve a specific result, let the customer show the result.

Install a live chat on your site, mainly if you sell physical products.

Create an affiliate program for your business so that you can get word of mouth marketing.

  1. Use retargeting

Most people will need to see your offer multiple times before they convert.

The Direct Marketing Association will tell you that the average person needs to see an ad SEVEN TIMES before he responds to it.

The above is precisely why it’s not a good Digital Marketing practice to drive your ads to a sales page or home page of your site.

In the same vein, if you are not retargeting your website visitors, you will be wasting so much money both in ad cost and missed opportunities.

Retargeting is the act of placing a code snippet from Facebook or Google on your site so that you can retarget visitors who got to your landing page but did not convert.

The fact that they clicked on your ad increases the chances that they’d click again, this retargeting ad campaign keeps you top of their mind and drastically decreases your ad cost.

  1. Launch an Online Contest

Most people love gamification; it is a smart way to make your brand to be top of mind of your prospects.

Here are some of the things to keep in mind as you consider running a contest;

  1. Carefully choose your giveaway – it must motivate your audience to participate in the competition.
  2. Your giveaway must attract your targeted audience
  3. The giveaway should not run longer than 21 days, except it’s an evergreen contest.
  4. Advertise your contest – This is very important.
  5. Be clear about your contest rules.
  6. State the criteria to win.
  7. Be transparent in choosing a winner.
  8. Announce the winners via Email and Social Media
  9. Appreciate the contest entrants – You could gift them or make them a discounted offer.


If customer loyalty is your desire, I’ve given you seven reliable ways to build it. Avoid short cuts; it never lasts.

Determine to provide the best of products and services to your customers and communicate with them, don’t be scared to own up when you are wrong or fall below expectation, they’d appreciate it.

I’ll be glad to read about your questions and feedback in the comment, I always respond.

And of course, kindly help share this post and let’s build this community together.