Digital Marketing is dear to my heart, so I love to teach Business Owners how to leverage it as a significant Growth Driver.

But as it can make a Business, so also can it break it.

You see, Digital Marketing is quite different from Traditional Marketing, which is what most people know.

The rules here are different.

Digital Marketing, if correctly done, can be a high-growth driver for your business but can also lead to devastating losses if not properly planned and executed.

Most people seem only to acknowledge the good part of Digital Marketing and not the devastating part; this is why I decided to write this post because you deserve to know.

The objective of this post is to show you the two things you must be sure you have under quality control before you plan to scale your business using Digital Marketing.

Before I proceed, let’s define Digital Marketing for the avoidance of doubt.

What is Digital Marketing?

According to Wikipedia, Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies on the Internet, through mobile phone Apps, display advertising, and any other digital mediums.

2 Things You Must Sort out Before Implementing Digital Marketing in your Business

  1. Offer Quality Products and Services.

This may sound like a non-issue,  but you may not have considered its dire ramifications.

Digital Marketing means that you can target your prospects with military-grade accuracy, and you can do this very cheaply too, as compared to Traditional Marketing.

But it also means that your dissatisfied customers now have a platform to air their views if your product is subpar.

Now, do not say, ‘oh, I’ll avoid Digital Marketing then.’

The truth is, whether or not you get involved in Digital Marketing, in this digitalized age, your customers will talk about you online.

The question is, would you like to be a part of the conversation?

Would you at least like to have the opportunity to be the driver of your brand image and actively build the perception you would like to have online?

I am not saying you should have a perfect product and service; neither am I saying that your product must be the best in your niche.

I am also not saying you should procrastinate the launch of your Business or Product until it is impeccable.

What I am saying is very simple; do not say your product can do what it cannot.

Do not promise what you cannot deliver.

You would be better off under-promising and over-delivering.

  1. Offer Quality Customer Service

If your product is the best on the continent, but your customer service is substandard, then the customer experience will still be poor.

Customer service is as simple as it sounds, serve the customer.

Serve them!

You are their “servant,” understand that.

I understand that some people do not like the word ‘servant,’ they think it is belittling.

But I think it is an honorable word.

Let me try to correct your mindset about that word.

A driver is a servant, right?

Now, what is belittling about somebody who has your life in his hands every day but chooses daily to drive you to safety?

Your security man is a servant, right?

What is belittling about a man who believes in your vision and life purpose so strong enough that he is willing to put his own life in harm’s way to protect you?

Your housekeeper is a servant, right?

What is belittling about somebody who is practically taking care of your next-generation –your kids- while you are taking care of business?

You see why I said that servanthood is honorable.

As a matter of fact, true leaders are servants; being a servant does not affect their self-esteem because they know it is honorable.

If you cannot be a servant, then your business is impractical because servants are people who have specific values to offer.

So, serve your customers the same way you would love to be served.

I understand that some customers are a pain.

If a customer has decided to be unnecessarily dissatisfied even with your best efforts, then be courageous to tell them that you will not be able to continue to serve them.

Let them go.

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Digital Marketing


If you only promise what you can deliver and serve your customers well, then Digital Marketing will only help to amplify the fantastic ways you treat your customers, which will most likely lead to more sales.

Let me read your thoughts in the comment.

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