To exact influence and thought-leadership, you need to dominate your niche.

When prospects think about your niche, does your name come to mind?

In this post, I’ll show you how to achieve that.

As a Business Owner or Network Marketer, owning and dominating your niche makes it easier to make money and stand out against competitors.

7 Smart Ways to Easily Dominate your Niche

I want to share some ways to begin building your audience, promoting your brand, and claiming ownership of your niche.

  1. Build an Authoritative Website

Your website should dazzle visitors, position you as an authority in your field, and be as professional as possible.

If any of these elements are missing in your website, then it is time for a re-design.

Even though the User Interface of your website should be excellent, the quality of your content should be even better.

It’s User Interface, User Experience, and Quality Content that makes up an Authoritative Blog.

  1. Write a Buzz-Worthy Blog

If you could do just one thing to market your business online, write a great blog.

If you want to market your business offline, this does not apply to you, but if Digital Marketing is in your consideration, then a blog is the way to go.

A blog will be at the heart of everything you do in establishing yourself as an authority in your field.

It is where you can communicate with readers and generate more web traffic.

Update the blog at least once a week and share each new post across your Social Media channels.

  1. Take Advantage of Speaking Engagements

When you are an expert at the front of the room, people pay attention.

Dazzle them with quality content, teach something valuable, and they would want to buy your product or service.

Let your free content be premium; let it be better than most people’s paid content.

Go the extra mile.

If you want to dominate your niche, it only makes sense that you should be willing to help more.

Sharing what you know in events and conferences is a sure-fire way to dominate your niche.

Speaking at events will help you build your Social Capital as you would most likely become acquaintances with the other speakers, which can lead to joint-venture opportunities.

Actively seek out opportunities to speak at industry events and deliver top value, you can host your events too.

Even if you are not good at speaking, you can develop yourself.

  1. Mix-up your Media

Do not rely on creating only text contents, mix it up with videos; your visitors need to see you and bond with you.

Videos get a lot of traction in Google search, and YouTube is the second most searched site in the world.

How-to videos can be an excellent way for potential buyers to find you.

Your video must not be perfect, but you’ve got to start and grow from there.

It may be the case that you are not comfortable in front of the camera, but you need to take that as one of the sacrifices you need to make to dominate your niche.

People want to follow people they can identify with and not logos, so endeavor to get in front of the camera and interact with your audience.

  1. Develop Information Products

More than ever, we live in a society that consumes information.

Create Reports, Whitepapers, Workbooks, Video Training, eBooks, and give them away liberally in exchange for your visitor’s email address.

You will get results worth many times their value.

Even if you sell physical products, there’s a piece of information you can create that will appeal to your audience.

A Fashion Designer can create a guide titled “9 Fashion Tips to Make you a Power Dresser.”

A Realtor can create a guide titled “7 Critical Factors to consider before you buy a House.

If you keep producing valuable content in your niche, with time, you will dominate your niche and increase your sales.

  1. Do something Unique and Unexpected

Look outside your industry for creative ideas.

Could you host a virtual conference?

Could you host a contest with spectacular product-related prices?

Could you hold a free but high-value question and answer weekly chat?

Do something that allows you to serve your audience more.

  1. Lead something and Rock your Niche

You can participate in industry-related networking groups all day, but when you lead a group, the earth shifts beneath your feet.

Start an online group on LinkedIn, Facebook, or Telegram.

The pressure of having to come up with new and valuable content will make you a better and more influential Business Owner.

You cannot rock your niche if you are not staying on top of industry trends, experimenting, implementing, and trying new things.

Learn as much as you can, and teach others what you know, empower them with information.

Yes, some may go off and try to do it on their own, but many others will come back to you to buy whatever it is that you are selling.

This is in line with a quote by Zig Ziglar which has become my Driving Principle, it says “You can have whatever it is you desire in life, if only you can help enough other people get what they desire.”

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Dominate your Niche


Dominating your niche is a mindset thing.

Quit thinking about what you can get and start thinking about what and the best way to teach what you know and add value.

If you add enough value to a lot of people, the money will surely follow.

You are not going to dominate your niche because you desire to but because you have added lots of value.

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

What point in this post resonated with you the most? Let me know about it in the comment.

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