To drive traffic to a brand new website can be very difficult and challenging because you are yet unknown, but in this post, I will show you seven ways you can “Growth-Hack” your traffic generation efforts.

As a new website owner, so many things will compete for your attention, but you have to be focused on the strategies that will drive traffic and convert those traffic to sales.

Above all, your online presence must exude quality; it will help you secure more collaborations and drive traffic.

Create Valuable Content, Use Quality Images, Use a Premium Blog Template, Limit Bad Grammar in your writing.

  1. Collaborate

Learn to leverage, do not try to do things alone.

Your business will drive traffic faster if you master the art of collaboration.

For example, you could write a round-up blog post of complementary products or services in your niche and inform the Businesses you linked out to in your post, most of them will share your post.

You could host interviews, it must not be a physical interview.

You could send questions to your interviewee via email and have them respond to it and then you publish it on your blog.

You could organize a webinar and invite business owners of complementary products to be part-facilitators, most of them would publicize the webinar.

  1. Giveaways and Contest

Run a contest for your prospects and give away something of value.

I would prefer you to give away information packaged in an eBook or video; this way, you are sure to attract people who are most interested in your product.

It also ensures that you can be consistent with your giveaways since it costs little or nothing.

You can also seek out influencers in your niche and try to get them to give you a shout out on their platform; ideally, you should offer them a free copy of your product or anything of value.

  1. Build a Facebook Messenger List

In addition to building your Email List, you need to build your Facebook Messenger list simply because it is easier to build and has better Delivery, Clickthrough, and Open Rate.

With a Messenger List, you can quickly drive traffic to your blog or offers by sending a broadcast to your messenger subscribers.

  1. Leverage Paid Ads


No matter how small, it is the fastest way to drive traffic and scale your business online.

Hoping that you will rank on Google or that some influencers will drive traffic to your site is not a good idea.

Take your promotion very seriously and complement with free traffic.

Most times, it is the traction you get from paid traffic that will drive free traffic to you.

  1. Guest Post

Seek out complementary websites in your niche and offer to create content for them, this will open you up to a broader audience, and some of them will join your community.

This strategy is beneficial because if you produce valuable content, then more people would want to be part of your tribe.

  1. Get Active on Industry Groups and Communities

Be the one always answering questions and delivering helpful content in the group.

In a matter of time, people will start checking you out.

If somebody asks a question that you have answered in any of your blog posts, then give a summary of the answer and tell him to get more details from your post, ensure you have added lots of value before you drop the link to your post.

  1. Comment on Industry Related Blogs

The same idea above applies here.

Seek out and follow about 20 top industry blogs and ensure to drop meaningful and detailed comments, your comment has to be relatable to the topic of discussion.

Most blog comment system allows you to add your blog URL if you are consistent with your quality commenting, not only will the Blog owner notice you, the community members will do too and check you out.

They would be more open to collaborating with you.

You can download the Feedly App and follow as many industry-related blogs as you can; that way, you will be notified when there is new content in any of the blogs you follow.

Another trick is to try to be one of the first people who comment on a blog post to maximize your views.


These are the seven robust Growth Hacking strategies that can help you to drive traffic to your new website in no time.

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