In Business, you need credibility, but I’ll go one further to show you in this post the tactics for gaining instant credibility.

How can you be credible when you do not have the authority or the experience yet?

It will be beneficial to note that being credible and being perceived as credible are two different things.

The best part is you do not need to be an influencer or have 100,000 blog subscribers or tens of thousands of customers or a huge business to be credible.

What is Credibility?

According to Wikipedia, Credibility comprises the objective and subjective components of the believability of a source or message.

Credibility has two key components: trustworthiness and expertise, which both have objective and subjective elements.

Trustworthiness is based more on subjective factors but can include objective measurements such as established reliability.

3 Tactics for Gaining Instant Credibility

These three tactics I am about to share will ensure you are both credible and perceived as credible.

  1. Openly Argue against your Self-Interest

One way tactic for gaining instant credibility is to publicly argue against your self-interest.

Let me explain with a story.

I once had a prospect show interest in one of my Digital Marketing courses, but when I told her that the course was $197, she said it was expensive.

I told her I do not discuss price but value.

I asked her that if I taught her how to start driving more traffic and increasing sales in her business, will she think it would be worth $197?

She said she was not sure.

So I asked her if she was a Business Owner or a Network Marketer?

She said, No.

What do you sell?

I asked, and she said nothing.

That was the issue; she is not my target audience, that is why the price was a problem.

My target audiences are Business Owners and Network Marketers, those who are selling a product or service.

If you are not a Business Owner, Solopreneur, or Network Marketer, I will not let you buy my course because it will not help you.

One way of gaining instant credibility is to define those who should not buy your offering.

When you infer that everybody is your prospect, you sound funny if not stupid, and that is a sure way to lose credibility.

Selling to people who are not in your ideal customer segment is the sure-fire way to have dissatisfied customers who will ask for refunds and may even launch a scam complaint against you and your business.

Save yourself the stress and tell them to stay away.

  1. Use Precise Numbers

Most people believe in precise numbers.

There’s a study by Ohio State University where they asked people which is more believable: 60% of Americans recycle regularly, or 60.37% of Americans recycle regularly?

78% of respondents said that 60.37% was more credible because it infers accuracy.

When you want to reel out your social following, for instance, instead of saying you have over 5000 followers, rather say something like “the last time I checked I had 5127 followers, it may be more now.”

When you share testimonials, let your customers use precise numbers.

  1. Back-up your Claims

When you make a claim, back it up with proof.

Share statistics, personal stories, testimonials, research, professional or media accolades or awards.

Endeavor to show rather than tell.

It will help to boost your credibility and make more people buy from you.

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Gaining Instant Credibility


These three simple tactics should help your credibility as a Business Owner.

Let me know which of these tactics resonated with you the most.

Kindly share this post. Thanks in advance.