When most Business Owners think about how to generate more sales, they instinctively think they need more traffic and customers.

Of course, it is good to drive more traffic to your site and generate more sales, but it’s possible to generate more sales without necessarily getting more customers.

3 Ways to Generate More Sales

3 Ways to Generate more Sales without Getting more Traffic and Customers

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In this blog post, I will be sharing three ways you can generate more sales with the traffic and customers you already have.

  1. Increase your Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the rate at which your customers buy your offers.

A higher conversion rate will naturally lead to more sales.

The fastest way of increasing your conversion rate is by surveying your customers.

Ask them what they like about your product or service – this will help you improve on what your customers already want.

Ask them what they do not like.

Ask them what they would like to see in your product or service.

If you need to incentivize them, so a broader cross-section of your customers or prospects will take the survey, Do IT!

You see, when you engage your customers at this level, you make it hard for them to patronize a competing brand.

The process of getting them involved in your product or service creation gives them a level of buy-in; they feel they played a significant role in your product creation and so must justify that by buying the product when it’s launched.

Some of them will even refer their friends to prove to you that carrying them along and taking their advice wasn’t a wrong business decision.

Surveying your customers and building a community around your product is an excellent way to generate more sales as it’s sure to increase your conversion rate.

  1. Increase your Average Order Value

In a recent blog post, I talked about how to create a smart sales funnel; I recommend reading that blog post to understand what average order value and sales funnels are.

Offer up-sells, down-sells, or cross-sells in your sales funnel.

This strategy will ensure you are getting the maximum spend from each customer in your funnel.

The tactic in this strategy is to ensure that you are offering extremely relevant products in your sales funnel.

Ideally, your upsell offers should complement or boost the performance of the product that the customer already bought; this way, you stand a better chance to generate more sales from the same customer.

  1. Work on the Frequency of your Offer

You need to brainstorm on how you can get your customers to buy from you more regularly.

It’s an excellent way to generate more sales from your customers without getting more traffic.

See if you can start a membership or subscription service.

If you paid attention to the survey data, you might get useful ideas for a product or service to offer.

Your comment section is a goldmine, mine it for useful ideas.

You can go into joint ventures with creators of complementary products so that you can promote each other to your customers; this can lead to more sales.

Create physical training; some people will treasure seeing and hearing you in person; It also provides an opportunity to network with like-minds – This is another way you can make money in your business.


You must not have thousands of readers on your blog before you can make a full-time income; if you get good with optimizing your customer order value, you can do well even with a seemingly small readership.

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