As a content creator, you need to understand that your headlines or titles are essential.

According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people will read your headlines, but only 2 out of 10 people will read past the headline.

Most times, your headline is the reason people will decide to read or not read your post.

Because of the above statement, some people have resorted to click-baiting.

Click-baiting is dangerous for your Online Business, avoid every shade of it by all means.

TIP: A click-bait is a link whose primary objective is to attract you to click without the intention of delivering value.

Do not do this; it is the fastest way to lose credibility as you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.

You may succeed in getting people to click on your link with click-baiting, but they are going to bounce the moment they arrive at your blog.

A bounce means that people are exiting your site from the first page.

The Search Engines expects that if your site is valuable and engaging, people should click around on your website.

But when they exit without clicking on any link, it’s an indication that maybe your content is of a low quality.

With click-baiting, you can be sure that your bounce rate will be high, and Google would punish you for that.

5 Ways to Write Intriguing Headlines

The objective of this training is to show you how to attract your target audience to read your valuable content by whetting their appetite with your headlines.

  1. Identify the problem

You got to ensure that you have identified a problem that a lot of people in your niche have.

It is not enough to identify a problem, a lot of people must have that problem for your content to gain traction.

  1. Have a Sub-headline addressing the Solution

Let your audience know that they will learn how to solve the identified problem.

Be sure to mention it, do not assume it, be very clear about it.

  1. Write List Posts

Most people love list posts, take advantage of it.

I write a lot of list posts simply because people love to consume list posts.

They can see how many solutions you are addressing even before they read, and they can skim through the post.

  1. Boost your headlines with sensory power words

Power words are persuasive words that most people can hardly resist.

Add power words to your list of headlines, and you will take them to a whole new level.

Sensory words are power words that evoke the senses and bring your headlines to life by activating the imagination of your readers.

For instance, the title of this blogpost is “5 captivating ways to write intriguing headlines that convert,”; captivating and intriguing are power words.

If you go through my blog posts, you will see how I use power words in a lot of my headlines.

  1. Keep testing to find the winning headline

In Digital Marketing, all you can know are the strategies and principles that work, but for you to get specific results, you have got to test.

You will test your ad copy, your email copy, your images, your call to actions, your headlines, etc.


Your headlines are essential, whether it’s on your Blog, Email, Video, or Social Media.

Practice adding power and sensory words to your headlines most times you write, and your engagement rate should increase.

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