This post is the second part of my training in online sales strategies.

I’ll encourage you to read the first part of the training.

As you know already, making sales is the life-wire of every business, it is either you make sales, or you go home.

My primary focus is teaching you how to get better at increasing your online sales.

However, it goes beyond just learning because you have got to execute as many of these strategies as possible.

8 Strategies that will Increase your Online Sales

8 Smart Ways to Instantly Increase your Online Sales

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Let us dive into the eight strategies.

Shall we?

  1. Implement Tiered Pricing

When you go to a restaurant, the chances are that you would probably select among the mid-priced meals.

It’s so because many restaurant managers make use of psychology to influence people towards mid-range meals.

We would often avoid the least expensive dishes– and the priciest ones– making the middle-tier alternatives the most attractive.

This method is referred to as “decoy pricing.”

The same principle can be leveraged to increase online sales with tiered pricing structures.

By including a 3rd “decoy” option in your rates structure, you can press people towards the middle alternative– the one you desire them to buy.

Sure, some individuals will go for the most expensive alternative (which is a reward for you, revenue-wise); however, a lot of prospects will subconsciously avoid the decoy and choose the middle-tier option, which is what you desire them to do.

  1. Grow Online Sales with Mobile Optimization

The number of online businesses with poorly designed, terribly optimized “mobile” websites is remarkable.

As far back as 2015, Google announced that Mobile search has currently eclipsed desktop search in volume.

If you do not wish to leave sales on the table, your site must be optimized for mobile use– and not merely from a technical perspective.

Make it as simple as possible for mobile visitors to purchase whatever you are selling.

This change may involve an extensive overhaul of your checkout process or the design and launch of a different mobile site.

Navigation and user experience are among the most vital elements of a properly designed, extremely enhanced mobile experience.

The harder it is for visitors to find and buy what they desire on your site, the more likely they are to abandon your site entirely and take their business elsewhere.

  1. Impress New Customers with an Amazing Follow-Up Email

Unfortunately, for lots of businesses, the customer experience ends when they have finally gotten their hands on a customer’s money.

This act is a terrible error for customer retention.

To increase sales volume online, ensure you have a thoughtful, considerate, beneficial email follow-up sequence in place for brand-new consumers.

Do not ignore your customers as soon as they have provided you with their debit card information.

The more attention you pay to your customers after they have purchased, the more likely they are to become your brand evangelists.

  1. Nail Your Value Proposition – And Make It Immediately Obvious

Too many businesses lose sales and waste time by focusing on themselves.

People do not want to purchase things; they only want to fix their issues.

Unless your customers are your brand evangelists, most of them do not care about you or your business.

They only want to know how your product and services will make their lives much better.

It’s why your value proposition needs to take center stage in all your marketing communications and site contents.

Your value proposition can be classified into three primary forms:

  1. Importance: How will your product or service resolve prospects’ issues?
  2. Measurable value: What are the particular benefits your product or service offers?
  3. Product Differentiation: Why should prospects buy from you and not from a competing business?
  1. Use the Voice of the Customer for More Resonant Ad Campaigns

Hopefully, you are currently using paid social ads to expand your reach and find new audiences.

Nevertheless, the language you use in your campaigns can have a remarkable effect on your conversion rates and, for that reason, your sales.

The pointer is to use “the voice of the customer” in your online sales copy.

But what does this mean?

The voice of the customer is a market research technique that ensures your copy is consistent with the Needs, Desires, Pain Points, Expectations, and Reservations of the prospect being targeted by that specific messaging.

This process consists of language and phrasing used by customers themselves throughout marketing research and focus-group screenings.

This method can be beneficial, as you are utilizing the specific phrasing used by your ideal customers to target your ideal customers.

  1. Engage with your Prospects on Social Media

Active engagement with prospects on social media is often neglected as a potential sales tool by lots of businesses.

It’s thought of as having a negligible impact on real sales- when, in fact, this is among the very best methods you can use to increase Brand Name Awareness, Customer Satisfaction, and Sales.

Think about a time when you tweeted at a business or talked about a brand on Social Media, and the company responded to you personally.

What effect did this have on your perception of that brand?

I  would bet it ended up being substantially more favorable.

Providing quick and truthful answers to questions that prospects have about your offerings is an excellent method to increase sales, as the more attention you pay to your prospective customers, the more likely they are to buy from you.

It results in unsolicited social feedback amongst users themselves- the kind of brand exposure and advertising you cannot buy.

  1. Use Retargeting to Close Way More Deals

No matter whether you are running a PPC or a Facebook advertising campaign, any Digital Marketing initiative takes Money, Effort, and Time to accomplish.

If you are not utilizing retargeting, you are banking on prospective customers converting immediately, which practically never occurs and is precisely as insane as it sounds.

Whether you are retargeting to your content or to a particular time-sensitive sale offer, retargeting is arguably the single most efficient method to increase sales online.

Not just does retargeting keep your brand name at the cutting edge of potential customers’ minds, it likewise provides prospective customers with many additional opportunities to convert.

  1. Create and Target detailed Buyer Personas

I am going to assume that you are already creating buyer personas because if you are not, you are in real trouble.

However, I am going to challenge you to produce a lot more detailed buyer personas than you have in the past.

If you have ever looked at the targeting options available to Facebook marketers, you may have seen the incredible granularity with which you can target users on Facebook.

Advertisers can target users based on the square footage of their house, the university from which they earned their degree, and even where they plan on going for their next vacation.

Indeed, this degree of uniqueness maybe a little of an overkill for your buyer personas, but the better you “know” your ideal customers, the most likely they are to respond to thoroughly crafted messaging tailored specifically to them.

Push yourself to produce more in-depth buyer personas than you ever have in the past.


Aside from the nine strategies to increase the online sales of your business I gave you the last time, here is another eight, that’s a total of seventeen strategies.

You need to execute it.

Granted, you may not be able to execute all at the same time, so identify the ones you can start with and get busy.

Let me know in the comment if you have any questions or need any clarification.

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