• Below are some tools that I recommend to help you with your Digital Marketing efforts.
  • I use these tools.
  • You must learn to leverage tools to get things done faster.

Read my summary of each tool and click the link to check out any of them you need.


This WordPress plugin helps to take care of your internal linking, which is needed to keep your visitors longer on your blog and improve your Search Engine ranking.

Without this tool, you would have to remember the titles of your previous blog posts and manually link your new posts to them; this can be time-consuming.

Linkwhisper automatically scans your blog and recommends all the previous posts that you should link to.

If you have a WordPress blog or plan to have, Linkwhisper is a Must-Have.



This is a contest automation tool; it helps you efficiently run all kinds of Giveaways and Promotions.

If you are at all serious about promotion, then you need to check out this tool.

It’s by far my best contest tool yet.



If an image means a thousand words, then a video means a thousand images. Promo is a powerful video library for all Business Owners; you can easily add your logo and message on any of the Millions of videos and post them on your Social Media.



An Email List is the most significant asset in your Online Business, and Aweber does a good job in managing the list.

An Email Service Provider is a must for every Business Owner; you are wasting your time and money without it. SIMPLE



Kartra is a one-stop-shop for Business Owners who want to leverage Digital Marketing.

They provide Page builders, Landing pages, Forms, Check-out pages, Chat tools, Video hosting, and much more.



Postgopher helps you build your email list by automatically converting all your WordPress blog posts into PDF and offering it to your visitors in exchange for their Email address.



As you build your audience on Social Media, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage the comments and maintain the tempo of posting to each of those pages.

With Agorapulse, you can monitor and respond to all the comments across your social pages from one dashboard as well as post to all your pages from one dashboard.



This tool enables you to do a live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube simultaneously.



With this tool, you will be able to collect email leads of your site visitors creatively.



This is a Push Notification service. With this, you’ll be able to message your subscribers through their browsers.



If you sell anything on a site online, then you need this tool. It can help you boost your conversion rate as much as 250% by providing trust signals on your pages that boost the confidence of your prospects to take action.



HashTagsForLikes is an Instagram tool that shows you the trending and popular tags in your niche or in any market/keyword.

All you need to do is copy and paste for a chance to feature in the explore section of Instagram and be shown to people who are most likely to engage with your brand.


Kicksta is an Instagram growth tool.

If you are serious about growing your audience on Instagram, you should check it out.