Would you love to know how to drive website traffic to your blog?

Then, you are in the right post because I’m about to show you simple ways to increase the website traffic on your blog.

What is Website Traffic?

According to BigCommerce, Website traffic refers to web users who visit a website.

Web traffic is measured in visits, sometimes called “sessions,” and is a common way to measure online business effectiveness at attracting an audience.

7 Ways to Increase Website Traffic to your Blog

In an ideal situation, the more website traffic you drive to your blog, the more money you’d be able to make, which is why web traffic is an essential part of a Business Owner’s Digital Marketing effort.

  1. Use “Click to Tweet” Links

This tactic is one of the BEST ways to get more Twitter shares from your content.

Find something “tweetable” in your content.

It can be a bite-sized tip, strategy, quote, or statistic.

Head over to and get the free tool, this allows your blog visitors to tweet out your tweetable quotes on your blog easily.

  1. Optimize Your Content With LSI Keywords

LSI means Latent Semantic Indexing; It’s is a system used by search engines to analyze the other words related to a given topic.

LSI Keywords are words and phrases related to your target keyword.

It is no secret that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website.

That said, most old school SEO strategies do not work anymore.

And that is mostly because Google’s Hummingbird algorithm changed everything about SEO.

Instead of only looking at keywords alone, Google now understands topics.

How do you make sure that Google understands your content’s topic?

For example, let us say you just wrote a post about social media.

LSI keywords would be words and phrases like:

  • Facebook page
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Viral content
  • Pinterest

And when Google sees these LSI keywords in your content, they say: “Great. This content is definitely about social media”.

So, how do you find these LSI keywords?

You can check out a great free tool called LSI Graph

This tool spits out dozens of LSI keywords related to your topic, which you can now sprinkle throughout your blog post to give your post a better chance of ranking on Google and driving website traffic.

  1. Leverage Content Transformation

You can re-purpose the contents on your blog.

For example, you can turn your blog posts into YouTube Videos, Podcasts, Infographics, or even PDF.

Google loves multi-media content and will rank your blog higher; your visitors will also like it as you are providing them with more options to consume your content.

  1. Share Videos On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is growing fast and has a better organic reach – this refers to the people you can reach without buying ads.

Videos are doing very well on LinkedIn, especially if you are in the Business to Business space.

Ensure to subtitle your videos as much as possible as most people now watch videos with the sound turned off.

  1. Host a Giveaway Contest

People love giveaways; if you put up a valuable offer to giveaway, the chances are that it would resonate with your audience.

A giveaway is an effective way to give back to your business community as well as benefit from the viral web traffic that comes with it.

I am currently doing a giveaway where I will give 100 winners free access to my premium online masterclass, where I teach step by step how to Drive Traffic and Increase Sales in your business.

If you are a Business Owner, then you need to join the giveaway as I intend to give out my best course yet for free.

  1. Add share triggers to your content

Share triggers are the things that make people want to share your content.

For the share trigger in your content to be activated, you need to make your content so valuable that people feel smart sharing your content.

In other words, sharing your content must make people feel they have access to a piece of private information.

The above is another reason you must write quality content on your blog.

  1. Retarget Visitors With Facebook Ads

This is an ingenious and inexpensive way of driving laser-targeted traffic to your site.

You will need to place a Facebook pixel on your site, and you could tell Facebook to show your Advert to everybody who visited your website in the last month or two.

You would find that your cost per click would be dirt cheap compared to other forms of advertising.


There are a thousand and one ways to drive website traffic, but you’ve got to start somewhere, and these seven lists are an excellent place to start.

As you see results, you can scale to incorporate other channels.

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